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Philosophy and Religion

Caleb Hamman graduated summa cum laude in 2011 with a BA in philosophy and political science. During his senior year, Caleb won a US-UK Fulbright Fellowship, and he is now completing a year of study and research at Queen's University Belfast in Northern Ireland. Caleb has also received a presidential fellowship at the University of Notre Dame. There, he will pursue a PhD in political science and peace studies upon his return from the UK.


Glazer"Philosophy at Butler University is a great experience. The department is broad enough to house specialists in the major fields, and at the same time small enough to provide an intimate learning environment for students. The skills I developed studying philosophy at Butler-especially clear thinking, writing, and speaking-have, without question, contributed significantly to the success of my post-graduate endeavors. Close relationships with department faculty gave me considerable support both during my study at Butler and as I made plans for life after graduation. On a personal level, studying philosophy at Butler had revolutionary effects on my perspectives. The unexamined became complex and exciting. I also made lasting friends through the department's small, seminar style classes and through meetings of the philosophy club. I short, studying philosophy at Butler is an experience I would highly recommend."