College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Philosophy and Religion

Alex WesselAlex Wessel graduated from Butler in 2008 with a degree in Philosophy and Chemistry.  He currently attends Indiana University School of Medicine.  During 2011-12 he did full-time medical research and worked on his MA in Philosophy with a concentration in Bioethics at Indiana University.  


"I am really happy with my decision to study philosophy at Butler.  The faculty works hard at challenging students to think in new and creative ways, and the small class sizes provide an intimate environment in which true personal growth can occur.  In college a lot of pre-med students only consider studying the sciences.  However, I think it is also important to concentrate on the humanities in order to become a better-rounded person (the type that medical school admissions committees are looking for).  For me, philosophy was a great choice because it addresses the "big questions" that are truly at the heart of medicine.  Almost every day I in the hospital I encounter ethical dilemmas that are every bit as challenging as the scientific ones; and I believe that my background in philosophy has helped me to deal with them in an appropriate manner."