College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Philosophy and Religion

Foundational courses (3 credit hours required)

  • TI-244PL, Ethics, the Good Life, and Society
  • PL360, Ethics


Normative philosophy courses (6 credit hours required; at least 3 credit hours on the 300-or 400-level)

  • TI241-PL, Classics of Social and Political Thought
  • TI242-PL, Marginalized in America
  • PL245, Classics of Social and Political Philosophy
  • PL344, Philosophy of Law
  • PL345, Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy
  • PL347, Philosophy of Feminism
  • PL363, Ethics and International Relations
  • PL380, Topics in Ethics
  • PL403, Independent Study with research paper in ethics
  • PL407, Internship in Ethics
  • PL410W, Seminar in Philosophy, Topics in Ethics


Applied ethics courses (3 credit hours required)

  • TI240-PL, Ethics of War and Peace
  • PL363, Biomedical Ethics
  • PL380, Topics in Ethics (if topic is in applied ethics)
  • PL403, Independent Study with research paper in applied ethics
  • PL407, Internship in Ethics
  • LE264, Business Ethics
  • PX325, Ethical Issues in Health Care
  • ORG358, Communications Ethics
  • STR324, Ethics and Case Problems in Strategic Communication
  • JR420, Mass Communication Ethics
  • CS485, Computer Ethics (1 credit hour)
  • DD401ME (DD401ECE), Engineering Ethics and Professionalism (1 credit hour)
  • DD404 BME, Ethics for Biomedical Engineers (1 credit hour)


Electives (6 credit hours required) 

Additional electives include:

  • CLA360, Topics: Law
  • GWS102, Intersections of Identity
  • GWS202, Resistance for Social Change
  • HST305, Topics in History: History of Human Rights
  • HST305, Topics in History: "I, too, Sing America": Civil Rights in the US
  • LE263, Legal Environment of Business
  • MRC463, Freedom of Speech and Democracy
  • RL375, Topics in Texts: Philosophical and Religious Explorations of Evil


The program director may approve on a semester by semester basis additional courses as electives, including some courses in Political Science. No more than 6 credit hours of the Ethics Minor may be "double-counted" toward any other minor or any major.