Phi Beta Kappa

2014 Members in Course Student Initiates


Butler University's 2014 PBK student and alumni initiates were inducted April 5, 2014. Student names are listed below in alphabetical order (not by picture location).

Becca Allee
Kaylin Beckwith
Katie Bergamini
Donald Bradley
Luke Bunting
Ryan Eller
Bryce Fawcett
Erica Grabinski
Karina Hamamouche
Lauren Hannah
David Harting
Emily Kile
Alix McLaughlin
Henna Patel
Rebeccah Rendall
Emily Roberts
Aaron Schlenker

Jimmy Schwabe
Allison Shanks
Quinn Stitt
John Traylor
Hannah Weigle
Kate White
Gregory Zemtsov

Not Pictured:

Haley Cook
Andy Holte
Dakota Speck
Olivia Wolf


A more light-hearted take on our PBK student and alumni initiates!