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Experiential - Pharmacy Program

Pharmacy Practice Experiences are provided throughoutKathleenPreceptor
the professional 4-year curriculum to enhance development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values of our students, in tandem with didactic education. Students are placed in a variety of pharmacy experiences their first through third professional years and complete minimally 300 non-paid introductory rotation hours prior to advanced rotations. 

First Professional (P1) Year - students experience 80 hours of community pharmacy service-learning experience during winter break or summer break after the P1 year.

Second Professional (P2) Year - students experience 160 hours institutional practice experience during the summer after their second professional year. 

The Third Professional (P3) Year - students experience a variety of experiential learning, including healthcare reimbursement and pharmacy legislation activities. 

Throughout the professional curriculum students have an additional 24 hours of Pharmacy Practice Experience course assignments and patient care simulation exercises, as well as up to 32 hours of elective introductory pharmacy practice experiences.

During the final and fourth professional (P4) Year - students experience ten four week rotations which include seven required and three elective rotations.  Students complete minimally 1600 non-paid advanced rotation hours.  While specific placements cannot be guaranteed, students are able to preference their rotation sites.

The Fourth Professional Year (P4) - students are scheduled May-April ten 4-week rotations.  The ten rotations consist of the following:

     1 General Medicine
     2 Acute Care In-patient (Hospital/Health-System)
     1 Ambulatory Care
     1 Underserved
     2 Community Practice
     1 Patient Care Elective (in-patient or out-patient)
     2 Electives (either patient care or non-patient care)

Students are able to preference, but not guaranteed, a wide range of elective rotation topics for their P4 elective rotations.


For more information on becoming a Pharmacy preceptor, please see our pharmacy preceptor application, or contact Dr. Meghan Bodenberg via email or phone at: (317) 940-8692.

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