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Doctor of Pharmacy Program Questions

Does acceptance into Butler University as an entering freshman guarantee acceptance into the Professional Pharmacy Program? ~ Show Answer

  • No grade lower than a C- in any of the 10 classes on the automatic advancement list.
  • You must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in those classes.
  • You must take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) and score of 55% or higher on it. You have multiple chances to take the PCAT.

If I did not attain a 3.0 GPA by the end of my thee semesters will I have another opportunity to be considered for the Professional Program? ~ Show Answer

Yes. Please check with the Academic Affairs Office.

Can I start the Professional Pharmacy Program in January? ~ Show Answer

No. Admission is effective beginning the Fall semester only.

Are transfer applicants required to take the PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test)? ~ Show Answer

Yes. Transfers applying for the professional program (third year) must have their scores forwarded to the Office of Admissions. Applicants are encouraged to take the PCAT the first time it is offered (usually in June) so that they would have an opportunity to retake it in August, October or January if necessary.

If I transfer to Butler for my sophomore year, will I be eligible for automatic advancement? ~ Show Answer

 No. Students transferring to Butler for the second year of the pre-pharmacy curriculum will need to apply for the professional pharmacy program, take the PCAT, and undergo an interview. Applications to apply for the professional program will be available in the Student Affairs Office, PB 102, usually in mid-October; the application deadline is February 15.

Can course work completed at other colleges and universities be applied towards the pre-professional requirements of the first and second years? ~ Show Answer

Applicable courses in which grades of 'C-' or higher were earned, may be transferred towards Pharmacy Program requirements. We encourage an official evaluation of transcript(s) well in advance of applying to the professional program to ensure completion of the pre-professional requirements. A transfer application for Butler University should be submitted to the Admissions Office. You will then need to request that an official copy of your college and high school transcripts be sent to our Admissions Office for an official review of your transfer credits.

NOTE: Transfer applicants for the professional pharmacy program must have completed all of the math and science pre-pharmacy requirements by the end of the summer prior to the fall semester they are applying for to be eligible to start classes in the professional program. Students enrolling with more than 12 credit hours of coursework post-high school are considered transfer students and are not eligible for our automatic advancement policy.

Is it advisable to work while going to school? ~ Show Answer

There are many job opportunities for our pharmacy students. However, students are strongly encouraged to determine how much they can work without adversely affecting their academics. It is most important to remember that academics must be top priority at this time. The Dean's Office recommends not working more than 10-12 hours per week.

Who teaches in the Pharmacy Program of the College of Pharmacy & Health Services? ~ Show Answer

The program is taught by pharmacy faculty - no teaching assistants are used. All faculty instructors have Ph.D, M.D. or Pharm.D. degrees. Ninety-five percent of our faculty have earned doctorate degrees.

Are undergraduate research opportunities available to the undergraduate pharmacy students? ~ Show Answer

Yes. The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences offers unique undergraduate research opportunities. Even though academics is the top priority, a number of professors in the college are involved in research, and students are offered an opportunity to participate. All students in the Pharm.D. program will complete and present a senior research project on topics relating to pharmaceutical sciences research or patient care and pharmacy practice.

Butler University proudly hosts an annual Undergraduate Research Conference held for the 22th year in 2010.

Each summer, the university hosts Butler Summer Institute. The best and brightest build a community of learners while interacting with faculty in their area of research interest.

What are the clinical rotations and where are they done? ~ Show Answer

Pharmacy students are required to do 10 one-month clinical rotations over a twelve month period immediately following the P3 (fifth year) of the program. The majority of the rotations are in the Indianapolis and Indiana area; however, we have a number of outstanding sites across the United States (NC, TX, AZ, NY, IL, DC). During the rotations, students work with pharmacists in the many different areas of pharmacy. Rotation assignments are coordinated through the Clinical Coordinator for the program. Some out-of-town sites provide free housing for students; some provide housing but with a minimum fee; other sites will require the students to locate their own housing. The coordinator works closely with the students to provide all of this information.

What are job prospects for Doctor of Pharmacy graduates? ~ Show Answer

Statistics from the last two years indicate that our pharmacy graduates had two-to-three job offers per graduate.

Approximately 55% of our students go into retail/community pharmacy, 17% extend their education by accepting residencies; 25% begin their careers in hospital sites, and the remaining 3% select research or consulting pharmacy positions.