Academic Affairs

Prospective Students Application Deadline

  • Fall - April 16

Financial assistance

Limited partial tuition waivers are available at this time.

Admission requirements

The applicant should submit the following for consideration of admission to the Master's program:

I. Bachelor's degree in appropriate discipline with a minimum GPA of 3.00 or equivalent (official transcript required). Concurrent enrollment in the professional pharmacy program will be eligible for admission.

II. Aptitude tests (official scores must be received from Educational Testing Services, NJ):

a. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) [not required of anyone with a US Bachelor's degree]. Either (i.) or (ii.):

i. Computer Based Test (CBT): Minimum total score of 213 with minimum scaled score of 21 on each of the Listening and Structure/Writing sections.

ii. Internet Based Test (iBT): Minimum total score of 79 with minimum score of 21 on each of the Listening, Writing and Speaking sections.

b. Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Each applicant is required to submit a GRE score. The minimum GRE cutoff score for admission for each year will be determined by the Research and Graduate committee.

III. A brief resume.

IV. A personal statement indicating a specific area of research interest and career goals.

V. Three letters of recommendation evaluating the applicant's ability to complete the program successfully.

VI. International students must meet financial independence criteria established by the University.

Each applicant is evaluated based on a comprehensive review of undergraduate transcripts, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, previous research experience and GRE score. International applicants will be interviewed over the telephone and domestic candidates may be invited for a campus interview. Quality publications or other scholarly experience, although not required, serve to strengthen the application. For international students, admission is valid subject to obtaining appropriate visa credentials. Meeting minimum admission requirements does not ensure admission.