Academic Affairs

Graduate Program Masters Degrees

Degree requirement

  • A minimum of 30 credits including at least 6 credit hours of THESIS RESEARCH
  • At least one half of the total graduate credit hours must be at the 700 level
  • At least one peer-reviewed research publication and one conference abstract

Required Courses (minimum 12 credits)
--Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

  • RX 780 Current Topics in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Discussion of current research topics in pharmaceutical sciences. (G)(1)
  • RX 781 Seminars in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Presentation of research topics in pharmaceutical sciences by graduate students, faculty and guest speakers. (G)(1)
  • RX 782 Ethics in Research: Discussion and case-based approaches in the ethics of research, publication, and reviewing of manuscripts and grants. Included are core instructional areas recommended by the NIH Office of Research Integrity. (G)(1)
  • RX 783 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Research: An introduction to basic principles of pharmaceutical research including formation of hypothesis, literature search, scientific writing and regulatory affairs. (G)(2)
  • RX 784 Experimental Design and Data Analysis: Approaches in experimental design and statistical analysis of data. (G)(2)
  • RX 785 Biopharmaceutical Analysis: Theory and practice of bioanalytical techniques in chemical and molecular biology based analyses. Prerequisite: BS level background in Analytical Chemistry. (G)(3)

Elective courses

  • RX 630 Advanced Toxicology: The principles of toxicological mechanisms or drugs and environmental chemicals in the biological systems. Prerequisite: Clinical Biochemistry or equivalent, or permission of the instructor. (U-G) (3)
  • RX 786 Advanced Drug Delivery: Critical assessment of drug carrier systems, including transport of drug molecules across membranes. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission. (G)(3)
  • RX 787 Industrial Pharmacy: Preformulation and Product Development: Study of physicochemical principles of drugs and excipients for optimization of bioavailability. Case studies in formulation, production, and evaluation of pharmaceutical products. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission. (G)(3)
  • RX 788 Molecular Pharmacology: Discussion of receptor pharmacology with emphasis on the structure, functions, and signal transduction of receptors. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission. (G)(3)

Research Projects