Peace and Conflict Studies

Requirements for a Major in Peace and Conflict Studies

The major in Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) consists of 36 hours of courses, including 6 hours of internship or service-learning.

Required Peace and Conflict Courses

A PACS major must complete 21 hours of Peace and Conflict courses. The following courses are required:

  1. PACS/PO 102: Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
  2. PACS/PO 220: Community Mediation
  3. PACS/PO 322: International Conflict and Peace Building
  4. PACS: One theory or methods class in a relevant discipline (consult with PACS advisor).*
  5. PACS: One 400-level class or Thesis (consult with PACS advisor)**
  6. PACS: Internship (6 hrs)

Internship requirements are fulfilled at locations in Indianapolis such as Exodus Refugee Center, Peace Learning Center, Kaleidoscope Youth Center, the Julian Center, or through SP 320S, Service Learning in Spanish (up to 3 hrs). Students may also fulfill this requirement through Washington D.C. Semester internships, or as a component of study abroad.

*Students may fulfill this requirement with a research methods or theory class in, for example, political science, sociology, anthropology, and rhetorical criticism.

 **Students can opt to take the PO 490 Senior Seminar as their capstone course for PACS or another 400-level seminar class in anthropology or international studies that addresses issues of conflict, peace and justice.


Students in the major are required to complete 15 hours of Peace and Conflict Studies Electives, at least 12 of which must be taken at the 300 level or above; 3 hours may be taken at the 200 level.

Elective options are listed in the Bulletin and in the schedule of classes each semester. Relevant courses taken during study abroad may be counted towards the major with permission of the PACS director.