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Bicycles on Campus

If you choose to use a bicycle to get around campus, please remember that a bicycle is a vehicle and it is your responsibility to learn and obey the rules that apply to you as a cyclist.

Bicycle Racks

For a list of all locations of bicycle racks, check out our Bicycle Rack Map.

Register your Bicycle

A bicycle can be a large investment and registering your bicycle through the University Police Department will only benefit you, in the event that your bicycle gets stolen or lost.

What do I need to register my bicycle?

  • Make & Model
  • Color
  • Style
  • Serial Number (important!)
  • Other identifying markers (basket, banana seat, horn, etc.)
  • Owner's name and contact information
  • Picture (not required, but recommended)

Where Do I Register my Bicycle?

Bicycle registration is located at the University Police Department, 525 W. Hampton Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46208 and can be done at any time.

Registration Fee

There is currently not a fee to register your bicycle.

Bicycle Rules and Regulations

  • Always ride with the flow of traffic, and never on sidewalks or other pedestrian walkways, on grass or non-paved areas, or in University buildings.
  • Park your bike only in designated areas (and as a courtesy to fellow cyclists, park in only one space).
  • Also remember not to block traffic including access for the disabled and blind.

Please do NOT park your bike in the following locations:

  • Inside administrative or classroom buildings.
  • In stairwells or hallways of residence halls.
  • On sidewalks.
  • Against or fastened to any tree, bush, plant, or foliage.
  • Chained to or rested against disabled ramps, light poles, telephone poles, handrails, University signs, public seating fixtures, trash receptacles, or fences.
  • Against or fastened to any water, steam, or gas pipe or any electrical fixture or emergency device.

Summer Bicycle Registration

In an effort to deter bicycle theft and also improve the aesthetics of the campus community, the University Police Department will remove bicycles from University-owned bike racks during the summer months if the owner does not claim the bicycle.

The week following commencement, the University Police Department will tag each bike in the rack with a RED zip-tie near the handlebar. The owner of the bike has 14 days from the day the bike was tagged to notify the University Police Department that their bicycle is still in use. If no owner comes forward after 14 days, the University Police Department will begin the process of removing the unclaimed bicycles. Any damage incurred to the lock, cable, or bicycle during the removal process is the responsibility of the owner. The University Police Department will hold onto unclaimed bikes for a maximum of 30 days. After such time, the bikes will be disposed or donated to a not-for-profit agency.

Securing your Bicycle

  • Always lock your bike, even if you're leaving it for just a minute. Whenever possible, always lock your bike to a legal, fixed device such as a bike rack.
  • Lock your bike in a highly visible, well-lit location.
  • Outfit your bike with the best locking system you can.
  • U-shaped high security locks are among the most theft-resistant locks available. Be aware, however, that they can nonetheless be easily defeated by knowledgeable thieves. Accessories are available that may reduce the effectiveness of leveraging devices used by thieves to defeat U-locks.
  • Heavy duty chains with case-hardened, 5/16" thick links are more secure than cables. All cables are relatively easy to defeat. Padlocks also should have case-hardened 5/16" shackles.
  • Quick-release wheels and seats can be secured with a cable, chain, or other security devices available at bike shops.

Local Bicycle Dealers/Repair Shops

Bicycle Exchange-Broad Ripple

5345 Winthrop Avenue, Ste. B
Indianapolis, IN  46220
(317) 602-3316

Bicycle Garage Indy - North

4340 East 82nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46250
(317) 842-4140
Fax: (317) 577-0264

Bike Line-Broad Ripple

6520 Cornell Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 253-2611

Local Cycling Events

24 Hours of Booty

24 Hours of Booty is held at Butler University. The event, which hosts 400+ riders, raises more than $200,000 for cancer research and survivorship. For more information visit

Bicycling Resources

Monon Trail


Bicycle Laws of Indiana: