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When will students be billed? ~ Show Answer

Our office publishes electronic billing statements (E-Bills) the second Wednesday of every month. Students and established Authorized Users receive an email notification when the E-Bill is available to review. The first E-Bill for fall enrollment is mid-July. The first E-Bill for spring enrollment is mid-December.

When is payment due? ~ Show Answer

Payment is due by the due date reflected on the E-Bill. E-Bills are published the second Wednesday of every month, and the due date is generally within the first six days of the following month. For fall enrollment, payment is due at the beginning of August. For spring enrollment, payment is due at the beginning of January. For details regarding E-Bill and E-Pay, please visit

Where is the billing statement mailed? ~ Show Answer

Billing statements are no longer mailed. They are available in electronic format only.

Does Student Accounts have a website? ~ Show Answer

What charges should I expect to see on the bill for full-time undergraduate students? ~ Show Answer

  • Tuition.
  • All mandatory fees (Activity Fee, New Student Registration Fee, Health and Recreation Complex Fee, Welcome Week Fee).
  • Room and meal plan
  • Bookstore charges (if student uses Butler ID to charge books to student account).
  • Parking decal (if student requests one).

What is an Activity Fee? ~ Show Answer

The Activity Fee is charged to all full-time undergraduate students. This fee provides funds for student organizations, yearbook, athletics and various programs offered on campus throughout the year.

What is the Welcome Week Fee? ~ Show Answer

This fee is charged to all first time Butler students. It covers orientation activities, programs and outings during the first month of school.

What general services are provided by the Office of Student Accounts? ~ Show Answer

  • Publish electronic billing statement (E-Bill) the 2nd Wednesday of every month for all students with a balance due or credit balance on the account.  
  • Accept and post paper check and cash payments to students' accounts. 
  • Providing student account counseling.
  • Free check cashing for students (up to $100 personal check or $200 if Butler check) with valid picture ID. 
  • Process Refund Requests for those accounts with credit balances.
  • Provide Direct Deposit forms for students with on-campus jobs.
  • Distribute student payroll checks (for students who do not have direct deposit).
  • Money Orders up to $200 ($5.00 fee)

Where should payments be sent that are from a 529 savings plan? ~ Show Answer

Please have your 529 plan administrator submit payments directly to the Office of Student Accounts, 4600 Sunset Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46208. Please instruct your administrator to include student name and Butler ID on the check.