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If students get sick, what do they do? ~ Show Answer

During office hours, students may call the office and consult with an RN about their symptoms or concerns. If the student would like to see the MD, they make an appointment by phone.

How easy is it to see a doctor? ~ Show Answer

Monday through Friday, the clinic is staffed by a full-time family practitioner, Dr. Maria Fletcher. Additionally, Dr. Stuart Devaul is in the clinic to see patients on Thursday afternoons. Calling ahead and making an appointment is the best way to get seen. If students drop in, we accommodate them if possible.

There may be times when a student will need to be referred to a specialist, as Health Services offers acute care only and some illnesses may be beyond the scope of our practice. We can refer the student to a provider within the Indianapolis community in those instances. Butler University is fortunate to be located near several very good medical facilities. Health Services has a wide referral base, which is used depending on the nature of the illness or injury.

What does the student do if they are ill and the clinic MD's appointment schedule is full? ~ Show Answer

If your student needs to be seen by a MD and one is not available at Health Services or it has been determined that the student needs to be seen immediately, we will refer the student to one of the surrounding urgent care centers or an emergency room.

What do you do if the student gets sick when Health Services isn't open? ~ Show Answer

Health Services' answering machine advises students what to do when the clinic is not open. The student may leave a message and a nurse will call them back on the next business day. They may also visit Health Services' website and look under "Health Information/General Health Tips" for advice, or "After Hours Care" for nearby medical services. Students may also call BUPD for additional assistance at (317) 940-9396.

Why won't you discuss my student's visit to Health Services? ~ Show Answer

We take medical confidentiality seriously and, as you may know, we are prevented by Indiana law from releasing any medical information to parents of non-minor children without the student's consent. However, in the case of a life or death emergency, we would contact you immediately.

Why does the University require undergraduates to have health insurance? ~ Show Answer

Check out this link on the Health Services website for the answer this question. Additionally, you can find the link  for the waiver/enrollment process.

Where can I get more information about Health Services? ~ Show Answer

Visit our website at where you will find a tab just for parents, necessary forms, information on the University's health insurance requirement and a description of medical facilities/pharmacies close to campus.