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How are Flex Dollars, as a part of my student's meal plan, different from money that I can add onto my student's dining account? ~ Show Answer

Flex Dollars are a part of the semester meal allowance plan that your student signs up for through Residence Life. The amount varies on the plan they choose and it must be used within the semester. Unused Flex Dollars do not carry over semester to semester. However, money that you add to supplement your meal plan purchased thru Dining Services does carry over from fall to spring semester and academic year to academic year.

Can my student change their Meal Plan? ~ Show Answer

Yes. For the first two weeks of each semester, if the meal plan your student chose isn't working with their schedule as well as they thought it would, changes to the plan are allowed. Simply notify Residence Life in the Atherton Union, Room 303.

What can I do if my student's Flex Dollars are running low? ~ Show Answer

You can add to their dining account at any time by sending a check or money order to ARAMARK, 704 West Hampton Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46208. Or go online at  and click on Dawg Bucks.

My student has special dietary considerations. How can Dining Services help? ~ Show Answer

We encourage you to have your student contact a manager to discuss dietary needs. We can meet with students to review our menu and daily offerings to help accommodate their needs. At any time they can email us at, stop by or call us at (317) 940-9701.

What if I have a question that's not answered here? ~ Show Answer

Email us anytime at, visit us at  or call us at (317) 940-9701. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have.