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Student Disability Services

What should I do if I suspect my student has a disability?

It is not uncommon for a student to be diagnosed with a disability while attending college. A new medical condition may develop, new challenges or unexpected life changes could trigger psychiatric disabilities, or a previously unidentified learning disability might be diagnosed.

If you feel your son or daughter may have a disability, we would encourage your student to speak with us in the office of Student Disability Services. Our office is located in Jordan Hall, Room 136. We would be happy to discuss with your student the challenges he or she may be experiencing and recommend, as appropriate, available campus and local resources for support and possible diagnosis.

If a formal disability diagnosis is made, encourage your student to speak with the office of Student Disability Services to determine if he or she might be eligible for accommodations and services. A student establishes eligibility by submitting appropriate written documentation to the office of Student Disability Services. Documentation guidelines are located on our website at Reasonable accommodations are determined through individualized discussion with the student as well as diagnostic data and recommendations contained within the documentation.

Questions, concerns or requests for additional information should be directed to Michele Atterson, Director of Student Disability Services, at (317) 940-9308.