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Post Graduate Studies

How and when should students begin to prepare for graduate or professional school?

To ensure students are on track for admission into graduate or professional school, they should work closely with their advisors. In addition to their academic advisor, students can speak to pre-law, pre-health, and pre-graduate advisors in the Office of Post-Graduate Studies. Advisors can help students with selecting appropriate graduate and professional schools, provide information on the application process, and provide assistance with various aspects of the application such as the personal statement or statement of purpose. The Office of Post-Graduate Studies also provides upwards of 30 programs a year on various topics including strategies on gaining admission to post-graduate school, standardized test preparation, personal statements and application essays, and how to research graduate programs.

Students should work to strengthen their application with co-curricular activities such as internships and mentoring programs throughout their time at Butler. Students should begin to research graduate and professionals schools including their respective admission requirements no later than the spring of their junior year, and register for any required admission tests for the following summer, depending on their intended post-graduate program. Students are also advised to start working on their personal statements in the summer before their senior year.

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