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Learning Resource Center

What resources are available to a student who is struggling academically or with the transition to college?

The Learning Resource Center is the coordination site for services, programs and resources that promote academic success for all students of Butler University. We are committed to supporting and guiding students as they strive to reach the highest standards of academic excellence. We understand that academic struggle is not necessarily due to a student's lack of preparation or academic potential, but rather an issue relating to the discrepancy between the academic expectations of high school and college.

A wide range of programs are coordinated through the Learning Resource Center including academic success workshops, individual consultations, and tutoring. For additional information about services available through the Learning Resource Center, please visit our website

The Exploratory Studies Program

Exploratory Studies is a structured program aimed at helping students identify interests, explore academic options, gain exposure to the career development process and gather information about professions that interest them.  Students who are undecided or who have multiple interests are encouraged to examine their intellectual curiosity through a number of programs and classes designed to help students determine their own best course of study.  In addition, students receive specialized attention from trained academic advisors who assist the students in their decision-making process.

                The Exploratory Studies Program is part of the University's Learning Resource Center, which exists to support academic success at Butler University.  Exploratory Studies offers a number of services to assist students in their academic exploration.  In addition to individualized, proactive academic advising, the program offers opportunities for students to take self-assessment tests, interview faculty members from various disciplines, arrange workplace tours and job shadowing, and attend workshops by guest speakers covering a wide variety of relevant topics.  The Exploratory Studies Program works closely with other Butler University departments such as Internship and Career Services, the Center for Faith and Vocation, the Honors Program and Programs for Leadership and Service Education to provide students with information to make choices that best support their interests. For additional information about services available through the Exploratory Studies Program, please visit our website