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What should I know about the Honors Program at Butler?

The Honors Program at Butler is not your run-of-the-mill AP-style program. That is, we're not about proving that students can run faster and jump higher, academically speaking. Instead, we challenge outstanding students from all colleges and majors to think for themselves in a diverse, collaborative, and often hands-on environment where there may be no "right" answer. Rather than following a completely separate "honors" curriculum, Butler Honors students do everything other Butler students do, and more. They participate in additional courses, cultural events, and independent research with faculty mentors who foster innovative thinking and interdisciplinary dialogue. Students learn to explore topics of interest in greater depth and breadth than ever before and expand beyond their comfort zones, preparing them ultimately to undertake their honors thesis in their senior year. Students at Butler must complete the Honors Program requirements to be eligible for the University's highest honors of Magna or Summa Cum Laude upon graduation. Many students apply and are invited to enter the Honors Program as incoming freshman, but there are other roads into the program for interested students at later points in their undergraduate careers. For more information about the Honors Program at Butler, go to, or send a message with your question to