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What's the best way for students to find a job on campus? ~ Show Answer

Finding a job on campus is easy by visiting the Internship and Career Services office or by going to  and clicking on the On Campus Employment tab in the Students section. Jobs go very quickly, so looking after positions are posted on August 9 is imperative.

When do students need to start thinking about an internship? ~ Show Answer

It's never too early to prepare yourself for life after college and gaining career related experience is imperative to locating employment. At Butler, it's not unusual for freshman and sophomores to start looking for internships. For more information on how to prepare, visit and click on the Internship tab.

How can students find a part time job in Indianapolis? ~ Show Answer

The Internship and Career Services office offers a "Get Hired Fair" during Welcome Week that has both on campus and community employers offering part time jobs. If students need one-on-one help locating a part time job, they can make an appointment to talk with one of our career professionals by calling (800) 368-6852, ext. 9383 or by emailing

When do students need to start thinking about getting a resume together? ~ Show Answer

It's really never too early to put together a winning document that will showcase a student's talents and interests to an employer. The earlier a student starts, the better they will be prepared to look for internships and full time positions. For great information on developing a resume, encourage students to go to and look under Resumes and Letters.