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Participating as a Non-Major

Ensemble Participation ~ Show Information

A non-music major may participate in any of Butler's music ensembles, which are listed below. An audition is required for all ensembles except University Choir, University Marching Band, and University Basketball Band. Upon their acceptance into the ensemble, students register for the 100-level as freshmen and sophomores, the 300-level as juniors and seniors, and the 500-level for graduate students; all ensembles are 1-credit registrations. Interested students should contact the listed faculty member directly for audition information, rehearsal and concert schedules, etc.




  • ES 101/301/501 - Chamber Music (Dr. Bill Grubb,, 940-6418)
  • ES 102/302/502 - Guitar Chamber Music (Prof. Brett Terrell,, 940-9636)
  • ES 103/303/503 - Arthur Jordan Saxophone Quartet (Heidi Sibertz)
  • ES 106/306/506 - Percussion Ensemble (Prof. Jon Crabiel,, 940-9488)
  • ES 108/308/508 - New Music Ensemble (Dr. Michael Schelle,, 940-9642)
  • ES 120/320/520 - University Wind Ensemble (Prof. Michael Colburn,, 940-6672)
  • ES 122/322/522 - University Symphony (Prof. Richard Clark,, 940-8031)


Athletic Bands:

  • ES 119/319/519 - University Marching Band (Prof. David McCullough,, 940-9876)NOTE: Participation in the marching band can count for PWB credit in the university core curriculum. See for additional details.
  • ES 121/321/521 - University Basketball Band (Prof. David McCullough,, 940-9876)

Private Lessons ~ Show Information

Non-music majors wishing to study Applied Music must also be enrolled in a music department ensemble. A "Request for Applied Secondary Lessons" form is available online (, and should be submitted to the School of Music office, Lilly Hall, room 229. Once approved by the Chair of the School of Music, the student will be notified by Joy Rogers, School of Music secretary (, 317-940-9246).

Music Courses for Non-Majors ~ Show Information

The following courses are designed for non-music majors:

  • AM 125: Guitar Class 1 (U)(1)
    This course is designed for beginning guitar students with a passing knowledge of guitar playing, but no formal guitar instruction. This course will stress basic fundamentals such as hand and arm movement, chord playing, melody playing, counting, sight-reading music, and the study of a wide range of music.
  • AM 126: Guitar Class 2 (U)(1)
    A continuation of AM 125, with emphasis on more advanced techniques.
  • AM 127: Voice Class 1 (U)(1)
  • AM 128: Voice Class 2 (U)(1)
    Basic principles of voice development and use. This class is intended for non-majors or those music majors for whom voice is not the primary instrument. Two meetings per week.
  • AM 130: World Drumming Class (U)(1)
    This course offers experiences in learning world percussion techniques and its history. Areas of percussion study include: Latin-American Percussion, African Percussion, Brazilian Percussion, Caribbean Percussion, Cultural History and Folklore. No previous percussion experience required; instruments will be provided. Two meetings per week.

Minors ~ Show Information

Music Minor

A minor in Music is available through the Jordan College of the Arts to students whose primary major is not in music. It consists of twenty-four (24) semester hours, of which fourteen to sixteen (14-16) are specified. For specific requirements, see the Music Minor curriculum guide.

Jazz Studies Minor

A minor in Jazz Studies is available through the Jordan College of the Arts to students whose primary major is not in music. It consists of twenty-four (24) semester hours, of which twenty-two(22) are specified. For specific requirements, see the Jazz Studies Minor curriculum guide or contact Dr. Matt Pivec for further information or (317) 940-9068.


Ensemble Participation Scholarships ~ Show Information

A number of scholarships (up to $1500 per year) are available for non-music majors interested in participating in major choral and instrumental ensembles through the School of Music.  Eligible ensembles include:

  • Butler Symphony Orchestra
  • University Wind Ensemble
  • University Chorale
  • University Choir
  • Butler Women's Chorus

Awards are renewable up to eight (8) semesters as long as the student maintains good academic and musical standing at Butler.  Awards are based upon musicianship, academic record, and ensemble needs in the School of Music.

A brief 15-minute audition for Music faculty is required and will take place either February 21, 2015 or February 28, 2015 for applicants for fall 2015 admission. Music selections should include the following:
Vocalists- solo repertoire of your choice, "America the Beautiful," and sight reading.
Instrumentalists- solo repertoire of your choice, scales and sight reading.

Continued eligibility for ensemble participation scholarships requires registration in the ensemble and secondary-level applied music lessons (cannot be taken P/F or for non-credit).  A "B" or higher is required for both ensemble and lessons to remain in good standing.

To be considered for an ensemble participation scholarship, please complete the Ensemble Participation Scholarship application.  If you have any questions about the scholarship or audition process, please contact Kristin Flodder at or 317-940-9065. 

Questions about a particular ensemble? Contact:

  • Butler Symphony Orchestra - Richard Clark at or 317-940-8031 (on sabbatical Spring 2014)
  • University Wind Ensemble - Michael Colburn at or 317-940-6672
  • University Chorale - Eric Stark at or 317-940-9981
  • Butler Women's Chorus and University Choir - John Perkins at or 317-940-9636

**Application for scholarship has closed (as of February 20, 2015).  If you are interested in applying for a scholarship to begin in fall 2016, please contact Kristin Flodder.  Otherwise, ensemble placement auditions will occur during Welcome Week in August.**