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Meet John Albert Harris

"The Butler University School of Music nurtures my creativity. I'm a composition major, and at Butler I've written a film score, a song cycle, and a large work for chamber orchestra. The faculty has helped me to create my own musical voice." 

Meet Erin Wells

"At Butler University I'm able to explore my two greatest passions-elementary education and bassoon. The variety in classes offered through both of my majors (music and education) has made me a more well-rounded student and prepared me for great success after Butler."

Meet Molly Anderson

"Opportunity is one word that sums up my time as a music student at Butler. I was able to pursue three majors including music, mathematics, and education. As a freshman I was able to work with the Indianapolis Children's Choir, which enriched both my music and education degrees. Throughout my college career I have performed with numerous campus vocal groups. I am currently developing an Honors Thesis on the ties between music and mathematics. There are few colleges that could let me pursue my passion in music while allowing me the opportunity to also major in mathematics and education."

Meet Adrienne Palmer

"Butler University is a place where you can do it all. The School of Music has supportive and knowledgeable faculty who help you plan your college career wisely. As a music education major, the faculty helped me pursue my dream of studying abroad in Australia. This experience has given me a better understanding and appreciation for music, culture, and a world much more vast than I knew."

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