Jordan College of Fine Arts
School of Music

Undergraduate Music Programs

These curriculum guides are valid for students beginning in Fall 2012 (and beyond). The School of Music website lists current curriculum guides only. Students or advisors wishing to view previous versions should contact Administrative Coordinator Joy Rogers (940-9246). All links are downloadable .pdf files.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Bachelor of Music in Performance

Bachelor of Music in Composition

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Standard Degree Plan

(Four-year program leading to K-12 certification in choral/general music or instrumental/general music.)

Area Degree Plan

(Five-year program leading to K-12 certification in all areas of music: choral, instrumental, and general music.)

Concentrations and Emphases (can be added to any degree plan)

Bachelor of Science in Arts Administration

The Arts Administration program offers this degree with a music emphasis.

Double Majors

Information on double majors is found here