Jordan College of Fine Arts
School of Music

Revised May, 2007

Conducting (Choral and Instrumental), Performance, and Piano Pedagogy Degrees

The student should register for AM 709 (performance majors) or AM 710(conducting majors) in the semester that the final recital will be presented.

Performance majors must first pass a recital hearing; a recital hearing is not required for non-degree recitals. Recital hearings are to be held at least 3 weeks in advance of the scheduled recital date. Individual teachers and/or areas may require the hearing to be scheduled further in advance. Recital hearings are to be heard by a panel consisting of the applied teacher and at least one other faculty member from the applied area. Individual teachers and/or areas may require a larger panel. Students are to be prepared to perform the entire recital repertoire. The faculty panel may elect to hear the entire repertoire or selected compositions, movements, or passages. The recital hearing must be performed with the accompanist and/or other collaborating musicians who will be performing on the recital. Recital hearings may be held in the recital hall or in an appropriate classroom or studio. The student and applied teacher should work together in scheduling recital hearings and in arranging for a venue, accompanist, faculty panel, etc. If the faculty panel determines that the student is not adequately prepared to present the recital, the recital must be postponed from its originally scheduled date and another hearing date scheduled. Students should bear this in mind when originally scheduling recitals. A copy of the Recital Hearing/Graded Recital Form must be signed by the faculty at the conclusion of the hearing. The same form is then used to record the grade for the recital itself.

All degree-required recitals must be graded by a minimum of three faculty members, who sign a Recital Hearing/Graded Recital Form. It is the student¹s responsibility to make sure that the Recital Hearing/Graded Recital Form (available on-line or in the music department office, Lilly Hall, room 229) is signed and turned into the music department office (Lilly Hall, room 229). In most areas, at least two of the three faculty members must be from the ³area² (strings, woodwinds, etc.); check with your applied teacher to be sure. If the required number of faculty cannot attend the recital in person, listening to a recording of the recital by a faculty member is permissible.

The recital program must be prepared in a standard format by the music department; an electronic version of the program copy must be e-mailed to the department secretary no later than three (3) weeks prior to the performance.

A copy of the recital recording (for placement in Irwin Library) must be given to the Director of Graduate Music Studies in order for the recital grade to be received. For performance majors, the recording format must be a CD; for conducting recitals, the format must be VHS or DVD. In addition, two (2) copies of the recital program must be included.

A. Graded Recital Form (PDF)
B. Student/Faculty Event Form (PDF) 
C. Facility Set-up and Recording Request Form (PDF)