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IX. Assistantships and Waivers

A. Description

Butler University's School of Music offers a limited number of tuition waivers and assistantships to graduate students.

A tuition waiver covers the cost of tuition, or a portion of tuition, for one academic year. Any additional fees (such as the Applied Music Fee) are not covered by the waiver. Students who receive a full tuition waiver are required to enroll and fully participate in two approved School of Music ensembles.  Half-tuition waivers may be available for students who enroll and fully participate in one approved ensemble.

A graduate assistantship covers the cost of tuition for 15 credit hours in one academic year; in addition, there is a stipend which is paid over nine months. Any additional fees (such as the Applied Music Fee) are not covered by the assistantship. All graduate assistants work with a faculty supervisor and are assigned (a) specific task(s), such as assisting with the band, orchestra or choir, supervising the music technology lab, etc.

All students who wish to be considered for one of these awards must submit an application, including an up-to-date resume, by February 15. In addition, returning students are required to submit two letters of recommendation. New students do not need to submit additional letters of recommendation. Assistantships and waivers are granted for one year but may be renewed for a second year.

2015-2016 Anticipated Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Waivers:
Athletic Bands
Concert Bands

Music History
Ensemble Performance

For a single listing of all available positions, click here

B. Application

If you didn't include your interest in a graduate assistantship within your Butler University application, please complete this Application form (PDF).

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