Jordan College of Fine Arts
School of Music

Master of Music Curriculum Outline

Conducting Major - Instrumental Track

(revised February 2006)

Admission requirements are available on the Policies and Procedures page.

Degree Requirements:
The degree requires the completion of 30 semester hours, including a full recital or two half-recitals. A recording of the final recital (or two half-recitals) must be placed in the university library before the degree will be conferred.

A final comprehensive oral examination covering the entire program of study is required.

The Graduate Music Diagnostic Exams in music theory and music history are required for placement purposes. These exams are administered immediately prior to the start of classes each semester. Student performance on these exams may indicate a need for review coursework in these areas in addition to the distribution requirements listed below.

At least 50% of the curriculum must be courses numbered at the 500-level or higher.

AM 600 Advanced Conducting (2, 2, 2, 2)
AM 710 Conducting Recital (0)
AM 799 Final Oral Examination (0)
Applied Music (2)
Ensemble (4)
MH 520 Research in Music (3)
MT 513 Analysis in Relation to Performance (3)
Music History or Music Theory Electives (6), including one course from MH 405 or MH 500-506
General Music Electives (4)

Note: Independent studies may only be used to fulfill "General Music Elective" credit requirements and must be approved by the Director of Graduate Music Studies.