Jordan College of Fine Arts
School of Music

School of Music Undergraduate Handbook

This handbook is written as a guide for the music major and represents an attempt by the music administration and faculty to put into print those principles and concepts that are used in the music programs of the School of Music at the Jordan College of the Arts on the campus of Butler University. 

Please study the contents of this Handbook carefully, as you will be held responsible for and expected to meet the requirements stated herein. You are also encouraged to refer to the University Bulletin, which is the official document for the University. 


I. Mission Statement and Student Learning Outcomes
II. Applied Music
    A. End-of-Semester Juries
    B. Upper Divisional Examination (AM 299)
    C. Secondary Lessons
    D. Changing Applied Teachers
    E. Applied Music Fee
    F. Accompanists
    G. Concerto Competition
    H. Studio Classes
    I. Guest Master Classes
III. Scholarships and Financial Aid
    A. Rules and Regulations for Audition Award Recipients
    B. Named Scholarships and Awards
    C. Teaching Opportunities through the Butler Community Arts School
    D. Work Study Opportunities

IV. Academics and Advising
    A. General Academic Regulations
    B. University Core Curriculum
        1. Writing Across the Curriculum
        2. Speaking Across the Curriculum
        3. Indianapolis Community Requirement
        4. Butler Cultural Requirement
        5. Core Curriculum Exemptions
        6. AP Credit
        7. IB Credit
    C. Advising and On-line Registration
        1. Academic Advising Responsibilities and Suggestions
        2. School of Music Course Offerings
        3. Course Rotation Schedule
        4. Registration Holds
        5. Transfer Credit
        6. Changing Majors; Adding an Emphasis, Secondary Major, or Minor
        8. Faculty Advisor Evaluation
    D. Moodle
    E. Event Attendance Requirements
    F. Approved Events for Metro Indy Event Attendance
    G. Independent studies
    H. Style Manual for Research Papers and Recital Programs
    I.  Consortium for Urban Education: Cross Registering at Another Institution
    J. Faculty/Course Evaluations
    K. Graduation

V. Presenting a Recital
    A. Degree Requirements for Recital Presentation (AM 300, AM 400, MT 408)
    B. Recital Hearings Policy
    C. Recital Grading Policy
    D. Scheduling a Room or Event
    E. Keys
    F. Recording
    G. Programs
    H. Recital credit slips
    I. House Managers
    J. Receptions

VI. Honors
    A. University Honors Program
    B. Honors Program Advising Checklist for Music Majors
    C. Thesis Proposal Suggestions
    D. Graduating with Departmental Honors
    E. Honoraries
        1. Pi Kappa Lambda
        2. Phi Beta Kappa

VII. Undergraduate Research Opportunities
    A. Undergraduate Research Conference
    B. Butler Summer Institute

VIII. Miscellaneous School of Music Policies and Information
    A. Convocation Hour
    B. Lockers (Instrument Lockers; Hall Lockers)
    C. Practice Rooms
    D. Renting an Instrument
    E. Sign Posting Policy
    F. Local Repair and Supply Shops

IX. Health and Safety Information for Student Musicians

X. Irwin Library

XI. Special Events
    A. Alumni Convocation
    B. School of Music Honor Day

XII. University Resources