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Spanish Student Stories

Sarah Poe - Alcalá de Henares, Spain

Sarah P.
  • Major/Minor - Spanish, Psychology and Gender Studies
  • Program - Alcalá de Henares, Spain. Sophomore year Fall Semester
  • Why go? - To explore the world and widen my boundaries.
  • Quote - "Studying abroad is more than learning a different language or culture. It's learning about yourself, and who you want to be."

Sarah K. Morgan - Alcalá, Spain

Sarah Morgan
  • Major/Minor - Double Major Spanish & Middle/Secondary Education
  • Program - Butler University, Alcalá de Henares, Fall semester
  • Why go? - To improve her Spanish in a real life context. To learn about Spanish culture. To travel around Spain and Europe.
  • Quote - "This is school? I am having the time of my life, and learning ten-fold. Not only am I learning Spanish, but I am learning about a different culture and about myself."

Jackie Koehler - Heredia, Costa Rica

Jackie Koehler
  • Major/Minor - LAS Economics w/ minors Spanish and Mathematics
  • Program - ISEP - Universidad Nacional, Spring 2006
  • Why go? - To improve my Spanish skills and increase my confidence when speaking the language and to immerse myself into a new culture for a life changing experience.
  • Quote - "¡Pura Vida!" "It's amazing the things you will learn, not just about language and culture but about life and yourself."

Irene Berman - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Irene Berman
  • Major/Minor - Major: Chemistry, French, Spanish; Minor: Business
  • Program - Bridge Linguatec, Spanish in Argentina
  • Why go? - I had gone to Argentina on an alternative spring break the previous year and simply had to go back there for a longer time, I was absolutely in love with the place.
  • Quote - "You can't really understand the spirit of Argentina until you go there, no pictures or stories can transmit the atmosphere of the place and the people, but what it does to you is beyond belief!"
  • Expanded Coverage - I spent three months studying in Buenos Aires in an American based language school. It was a very intimate environment, and very personalized. They give you a placement test upon your arrival, which determines your level and group placement - my placement put me in private lessons for a period of 3 months - it was amazing! I got to simply chat to my teachers in Spanish for 3-5 hours a day, watch movies, and learn what I was interested in. The flexibility was the best part of the school. I also lived with a host family that was absolutely wonderful, and everything that I had requested on my application!

    Other than that I spent hours just walking around the city every day, going to Tango lessons, and hanging out with my local friends and the friends I made at the school. I also got to take several trips - I went to Iguazu falls (crossing into Brazil while I was there), to Bariloche to go snowboarding, and to Uruguay for the day. It is by far my favorite place in the world and I highly recommend going there!