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Spanish Free Clinic - Student Stories

Matt's Story

Matt F.

Through a fellow Spanish major my freshman year, I found out about the Trinity Free Clinic of Carmel. Volunteering there has been an excellent way for me to utilize what I learn in class and to give back to the community. The Trinity Free Clinic of Carmel opens its doors every Saturday to the Hispanic community of Hamilton county. Doctor's, dentists, pharmacists, interpreters, and desk worker positions are all filled by volunteers who genuinely care about the welfare of the Hispanic community.

My most rewarding experience was when I interpreted for an elderly man from South America named Señor Aguilera. He was so grateful for everything that the clinic was doing and made sure to let me know and to have me let everyone else at the clinic know, too. To show his gratitude, he had me bring a few of the other volunteers together so that he could sing us all a song. It's moments like these that really make me passionate about volunteering.

Sarah's Story

Sarah Pvol

I was introduced to the Trinity Free Clinic shortly after returning from my semester abroad...and I've been going back ever since. Interpreting at the clinic not only helps me brush up on my medical Spanish vocabulary, it lets me connect with real people in a real way. With this connection I can put what I have learned to work and have the opportunity to help them with more than just their medical needs.

Irene's Story

Irene Bvol 2

I started volunteering at Trinity Free clinic my freshman year at Butler after hearing about it from my mom. I was interested in the field of dentistry and she told me they were looking for people to help in the dental clinic, so I jumped on the opportunity, and I started volunteering as a dental float - basically making sure everything was running smoothly in the clinic. At the same time, working in the clinic allowed my to use my Spanish as I quickly realized that the majority of the speakers were Hispanic. My ability to communicate with them became invaluable. The clinic usually provides interpreters for the medical part, so my already working in the dental part and being able to interpret for the staff was very important. I really look forward to every Saturday in the clinic because I get to meet such wonderful people. The patients there are very friendly and always want to learn more about you or tell you their life story, and that is the best part of the experience. I really enjoy being able to work in the dental clinic as I want to be a dentist, but serving as an interpreter at the same time makes the experience a hundred times better!