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Requirements for a Major in Spanish

Requirements for the Major

A major in Spanish consists of 33 hours in the language, at least 24 of these hours being on the 300 and 400 levels. All language majors will need to take at least one 300-level skills course and two 400-level courses.

To increase fluency all upper division courses are conducted completely in Spanish, but one course designated FL (given in English) may be part of a language major with approval of the department head.

Advanced placement credits in Spanish and credits earned in an approved study abroad program count toward majors in Spanish. Students who major in Spanish normally include study abroad in their programs.

Spanish majors must fulfill the following area requirements:


ONE 300-level skills course:

• SP300, Spanish Grammar in Context

• SP305, Spanish for Oral Communication

• SP310, Spanish for Written Communication

• SP320WS, Service Learning in Spanish


TWO Culture/Literature courses:

• SP330, Themes in Hispanic Studies

• SP335, Spain: Middle Ages to 1700

• SP340, Spain: 1700 to the Present

• SP345, Analysis of Literary Genres

• SP350, Spanish American Culture: Mexico, Central America, Caribbean

• SP355, Spanish American Culture: South America

• SP360, Hispanic Film

• SP365, Hispanic Short Story

• SP370, Topics - Contemporary Hispanic Societies

• SP420, Topics - Golden Age of Spain

• SP430, Topics - 18th- and 19th- Century Spain

• SP440, Topics - Contemporary Spanish Studies

• SP450, Topics - Spanish-American Studies

• SP460, Topics - 20th-Century Spanish- American Studies

• SP470, Topics - Hispanic Culture in the United States

• SP490, Seminar


ONE Linguistics course:

• SP325, Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

• SP375, Spanish Pronunciation

• SP410, Topics in Communication Skills in Spanish

• SP435, Spanish Dialectology

• SP445, Topics in Hispanic Linguistics


updated 10/2011