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Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Placement Exam Information

Who needs to take a language?Zach Marchum 1 Large

  • All LAS Majors
  • All CCOMM Majors
  • All International Management Majors
  • Everyone who is interested in broadening their horizons in Chinese, French, German or Spanish

Who needs to take the language placement exam?

  • All students enrolling in Chinese, French, German or Spanish classes who "took" that language in high school

How do I get access to a language placement exam?

  • Complete the online form if you are a returning Butler student
  • Incoming freshmen have access through their placement exam portal

How do I find out where I placed?

  • Visit  Self Service > Student Center > Other Academics (pull down) > Test Results
  • Ask your advisor

How do I enroll in language classes once I have taken the placement exam?

  • See your advisor

 5 Reasons to Do Well on the Placement Exam

  1. Placing higher will ensure a shorter time to complete my requirement. (You need to complete 2 courses at the 203 level or above.)
  2. You may qualify for a minor or major later down the road. Aim high!
  3. Students placing at 300-level are eligible for up to 9 Advanced Placement Credits toward a major or minor.
  4. Students who place under their true level often become bored, skip classes, do not complete assignments, and do worse than if they were challenged at their level.
  5. Finish your language studies at the highest level possible. The world is getting smaller and those language skills likely will be useful in your professional and personal life now and later on.