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Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Butler Language Placement Credits (BLPC)

If you placed in 200 or 300 level language classes (based on your Placement Test results), you may apply for placement credits once you have completed two 300 level language courses (in the language you took the exam in) with a grade of "C" or better.

  • Original placement at the 300 level = 9 200-level credits awarded
  • Original placement in 204 = 6 200-level credits awarded
  • Original placement in 203 = 3 200-level credits awarded

These credits count toward a major or minor.

Please fill out the Butler Language Placement Credits (BLPC) Form. DO NOT SUBMIT THIS APPLICATION UNTIL BOTH 300-LEVEL CLASSES ARE COMPLETE!

AP Exam

Score 4 or 5 in the AP Language Test

  • Receive 3 300-level credits (once the Registrar receives your official scores)
  • Begin language studies at the 300 level of that language
  • Eligible for Butler Language Placement Credits (see above)


  • Score of 50 or above will receive credit hours at Butler
  • Please contact Dr. Terri Carney for individual consideration

College Level Courses in High School

If you completed college-level language classes while still in high school:

  • Continue with the same language in the same sequence 
  • All transfer credits are handled by the Registrar's Office
  • Please be prepared to document course work (bring syllabi, final exams, etc.)