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German Service Projects

"Lernen außerhalb des Klassenzimmers"

Community learning enables the student to enter into a dialog with different aspects of their community while also putting into practice skills they have acquired in their discipline to that point. Students should view "Community Learning" opportunities as a chance to learn by doing and to provide service within their community. Each project will be unique and each will bring with it a special set expectations and goals. Students should select their projects based on personal interest as well as on the potential to learn from each particular experience.

Below are brief descriptions of possible project areas. The focus of the projects in each area will be up to the student and final project definitions must be approved by the instructor. Contact persons may or may not speak German and the individual activities may or may not include German language participation. Students should communicate with contact persons early and often before the actual date of the event. Phone interviews are permissible for some projects although face-to-face communication is preferable.

IGeL Institute (Indianapolis German Language Institute) - "Deutsche Schule"

The "IGeL Schule" is a group of Indianapolis children and their mothers who have formed a co-op school operating within the Athenaeum (downtown Indianapolis) on Tuesday afternoons between 4:15 and 6:00 (further information in "handbook" documents on Blackboard - Course Documents - Community Learning Projects).

Students are between the ages of 0-8 years old and are broken down into three groups. Each group has two teachers. You should try to work with one of the older three groups, although working with the "little ones" can be rewarding and interesting as well. Contact your group leader first by phone (in German!) and ask to visit a future class. Ask about the topic for that week and where you might be able to assist in the classroom. Perhaps you can lead a section, or perhaps you will help individual children with assignments. Whatever you do, do not be a wall-flower. Be ready to be physically active and prepared to participate. Children are the best teachers because they do not criticize and they are very patient. Have fun, but remember to follow up with good notes and interviews with the teachers so that you have material to report on for your project. Ask the teachers for materials (songs used in class, goals of the class, copies of visuals used, etc.), whatever you may need to give the class and the instructor a full report on your experience.

Adresse: 401 E. Michigan St
Besuchen Sie die Rathskeller Homepage für eine Wegbeschreibung.

Indianapolis Samstagschule auf IUPUI
Deutsch für nicht-deutschsprachige Kinder. Aufgabe wie in der IGeL Schule.
Kontakt: Frau Dr. Claudia Grossmann,; 274-3943 (Sprechen Sie Deutsch)

German Day Care
Frau Tanja Harschbarger runs a private German Day Care for small children. This has been a very successful and interesting venture in immersing both bilingual speakers and non-bilingual speakers into a German-speaking setting.
Contact: Frau Harschbarger at 577-9012

Athenaeum/German House

The Athenaeum was built as a German American clubhouse and community center between 1894 and 1898 for the growing German immigrant population in Indianapolis. Today, the Athenaeum serves as a focal point of German-American activity in the Indianapolis community. The Rathskeller Restaurant serves good German food and beer in the lower level of the building. The upper floors offer meeting rooms, a YMCA branch and an operating theater. During the course of our semester the Athenaeum will sponsor several German heritage events:

Family Oktoberfest
October 2, 2-7:30 - Athenaeum
Assist with activities, set up, take down.
Kontakt: Mr. Jim Gould; 630-4569 ext. 1 (Speak English)

Community Mixer
October 2, 1-3pm - Athenaeum
Meet and mix with German exchange students, au pairs, etc.
Kontakt: Frau Ina Roberts at 291-6399 (Sprechen Sie Deutsch)

German-American Day
October 6th - City Market and Athenaeum
Celebrate German- American Culture Present and Past.
Kontakt: Mr. Jim Gould; 630-4569 ext. 1 (Speak English)

Martinstag - Laternenlauf
November 8, 4:30-7:30
Songs and Lantern Parade through Lockerbie historical area of Indianapolis. Help with lanterns etc., learn songs, and mingle with real Germans (50 + families in attendance).

Sankt Nikolaus Fest
December 4, 12:30-5:00
Christmas market, dance group, gingerbread house making, puppet show, christmas tree ceremony, and a visit from St. Nikolaus himself!
Kontakt: Mr. Jim Gould; 630-4569 ext. 1 (Speak English)

Tour the Athenaeum and German Quarter
Mr. Jim Gould´s ancestors were among the founding members of the Athenaeum. Mr. Gould would be glad to arrange to show you the building and tell you about the history. Take the opportunity to find out about other German remnants in the "German Quarter" of downtown Indianapolis while you are there.
Adresse: 401 E. Michigan St
Besuchen Sie die Rathskeller Homepage für eine Wegbeschreibung.

Indianapolis International Festival

November 3-6th
The International Festival is an opportunity to help the German community in Indianapolis promote the idea of "Deutsch ist cool" to others in the Indianapolis area. You will be helping to set up, take down and man the German stand of the IGHS (Indiana German Historical Society) in two hour shifts (or more if you can!).
Kontakte: Dr. Ruth Reichman (Sprechen Sie Deutsch)
Mr. Jim Gould at 630-4569 ext. 1 (Speak English)
Frau Jeanette Footman at 582-1555 (Sprechen Sie Deutsch)


German films will shown at Butler University three times this semester. You may choose to do research on a film, do the introduction both for our class and for the film audience on the evening of the show, and present to us a more detailed discussion of the film for your project. You may do the same for other German films showing at Castleton Arts or Keystone Cinema. (Limited availability)
Kontakt: Herr Fred Yaniga at 940-9894
Adresse: Butler University, Jordan Hall 387; Donnerstags um 19Uhr
AMC Castleton Arts, 6135 E. 82nd Street; 849-3471
Key Cinemas, 4044 S. Keystone Avenue; 784-7454

German Church Services

There will be two German church services held during the current semester. You might call to interview the pastor (Sprechen Sie Deutsch) and attend the service. The Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ was one of the centers of German-American life in 19th century and the early part of the 20th century. Today still, you can see much of the German influence which remains in both the architectural and decorative makeup of the church as well as in its worshiping community.
Ideas: Submit an article to the campus newspaper about the event.

German-American Day

October 6, 10am (check dates and times) City Market

Christmas Service

December 14, 3pm (check dates and times)
Kontakt: Dr. Ruth Reichmann (Indiana German Historical Society);
Adresse: 416 East North Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association

November 3th-5th
The IFLTA meets every year at the Airport Holiday Inn in Indianapolis and attracts teachers of foreign languages at the elementary and secondary level from all over the state. Several sessions will be offered involving ideas for German language instruction. Attend one of these sessions, talk to the presenter and ask questions at the presentation.
Kontakt: Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association
Conference Program available this fall.

German American Klub

The German-American Klub of Greenwood (German Park) sponsors many German cultural events throughout the year, not only the very popular Oktoberfest (Sept. 2,3,4 and 9,10), but also a family day (Sept. 31) with a cultural program, dancing, food, etc. Talk to the President of the Klub, visit the park on an event weekend or for another activity.
Ideas: Submit an article to the campus newspaper about the event.
Kontakt: Gloria Webster 846-8440 (Speak English)
General Information: 888-6940 (Speak English)