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IGeL Student Stories

Adam's Story

Adam S"When I first decided to help out with I.G.e.L Schule, I did not know what to expect. I was very nervous to be around bilingual children. I was intimidated by the fact that the children could speak in English as well as German at such a young age. However, in no time my fears vanished and I found myself engaging in conversations with the children during the class time. Not only did my experiences with I.G.e.L. Schule help me develop linguistically, but it also helped me develop as a person. I.G.e.L Schule helped me reconnect with my childlike love for learning in everything in life."

Peter's Story

Peter MitkinderBeing a volunteer at the German I.G.e.L. school in downtown Indianapolis was a truly valuable experience. I was able to not only further my own German skills in communication, but also those skills of the children. The opportunity allowed me to get away from the busy academic hustle of the campus and sit down with children who were willing and eager to learn a foreign language. Throughout the semester that I was student teaching there I was able to partake in all of their learning events. This allowed me to have a front row seat to the learning process that children go through when learning a foreign language such as German. This is an experience that I would recommend to anyone who is truly interested in a foreign language and that is also looking to reconnect with their inner child!