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What Next?

A major does not necessarily dictate a career. Your major will provide you with invaluable skills and knowledge. However, your major is only part of what makes you employable. Other helpful experiences include internships, hobbies, work experience, and involvement in campus activities.

A liberal arts degree in general, reflects a comprehensive education emphasizing analytical skills, critical thinking and communication skills; abilities in high demand for all employers. Concentrating your studies in a major allows you to also gain specific transferable skills of interest to particular employers and industries.

Graduates with a German major are attractive to employers due to their abilities in the following areas:

Ability to practice for long periods of time Ability to organize and memorize detailed information
Understanding of historical information and influences on contemporary life Ability to think logically and quickly and make analogies
Ability to adjust to new environments Interest in exploring other cultures and personalities
Ability to imitate sounds Proficiency in phonetics
Background of general knowledge Comprehensive command of grammar and vocabulary
Good listening, clarifying and responding skills High proficiency in reading, speaking and writing

Above text and table from Scripps College

Recent Butler Grads in German:

  • Graduate School: Psychology, Law, Library Sciences, Peace and Conflict Studies, History, Chemistry, Medical School, Biology
  • Translation Services
  • Financial Services
  • CIA
  • FBI
  • Teachers (elementary and high school)
  • University Professors
  • International Organizations (FIBA, Atlantik-Brücke)
  • Journalists (newspaper and television journalism)

Other Possibilities:

  • International Business (American companies in Germany, German companies in America)
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Diplomatic Service
  • Academic Study Abroad Services
  • Brewmaster
  • International Finance

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