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Deutsch, Na Klar!: An Introductory German Course [Book]


We use Deutsch: Na klar! 5th edition in our first year German classes.  This versatile and colorful program for introductory German courses motivates students through its outstanding integration and use of authentic materials to illustrate vocabulary in context, communicative functions of grammatical structures, and cultural points.  The ample activities and exercises, the easy-to-follow chapter structure, and the wonderful array of multimedia supplements make Deutsch: Na klar! a favorite among students.

Workbook and Language Lab:

In order to facilitate immediate feedback, we utilize the online version of the Deutsch:Na klar! 5th edition workbook and language laboratory, hosted by Quia.  If you purchase a new textbook package from the Butler Bookstore, your "key" for Quia is included (the key is not included in "used" books).  You may also purchase a Quia key for the workbook and lab manual from the Quia Bookstore.    Regardless of where you purchase your new Quia key, your key will be valid for one calendar year.  You will be required to establish a Quia account and your instructor give you a course code to complete the Quia registration process.

Activity Pack

Deutsch: Na klar! 5th edition also includes a publisher maintained online resource center.  You may complete interactive activities, quizzes, listen to the textbook audio, and peruse the culture content on the website for free.  Access to the premium content requires an access code.  An access code is included with a new textbook package purchase from the Butler Bookstore.  You may also purchase an access code from the Deutsch: Na klar! website.