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French Student Stories

Emily Flittner - Nantes, France

Emily Flittner

  • Major/Minor - French, International Studies, and Business
  • Program - IES Nantes, France
  • Why go? - To experience another culture and improve my language skills, to travel around Europe, and to learn more about myself through a new and challenging experience.
  • Quote - "Studying in France was an amazing experience. The opportunity to immerse myself in the French language and culture was excellent for my French skills and knowledge, but more than that, I had the opportunity to see another part of the world. It was an incredible feeling to know that I could be so independent and so capable, even an ocean away from home."

Irene Berman - Paris, France

Irene Berman 2

  • Major/Minor - Major: Chemistry, French, Spanish; Minor: Business
  • Program - Sprachcafe, French in Paris
  • Why go? - I had been studying French for 9 years at that point and I just had to go use it. I had been to Paris on vacation before and it being such a central place in Europe, I decided to go back and get to know it better.
  • Quote - "Paris became like a home, I was so comfortable just living my life there that leaving felt completely inappropriate!"
  • Expanded Coverage - I went to a small language school in Paris where I got to be with students from all over the world, which was a very neat part of the experience. The teachers were wonderful and very personable, and we got very close to them. During my stay there I got to travel a bit, I went to Berlin, Amsterdam, London, and west of France (to the beach!). The best part of the experience was the daily life - I lived in an apartment with one roommate and most of the time I didn't even do anything "touristy" per-se, it was like being at home, just with a neater view from your window. I felt like I really got into the French rhythm of life and at the same time I enjoyed the city very much. The longer I was there the smaller and more familiar it became, and its charm just sinks in you forever!

Emily Abbot - Lisieux, France

Emily Abbott

  • Major/Minor - Arts Administration: Music Concentration (Voice), French
  • Program - Intensive French in Normandy at Centre D'Etudes Franco-Americaines (CEFA) - Lisieux, France, found through CSA (Center for Study Abroad).
  • Why go? - Studying abroad was always something that was very important to me when planning my college experience. I decided that a summer program would be my best option because I didn't want to miss out on a semester or even a year of the activities I am involved in at Butler. I have always been fascinated with the French language and French culture, so deciding to go to France was an obvious choice. I chose the CEFA program because I wanted to be at a small school where I could receive enough personal attention to really improve my French language skills. The town of Lisieux was also the perfect fit because it was small and I feel like I was really able to "live the French lifestyle" while I was there, which was also a goal of mine.
  • Quote - "Spending this past summer in France was the most unbelievably surreal and amazing experience of my life. There were definitely difficult moments throughout the trip, but they only made the experience more meaningful. All the amazing things I saw and learned and the beautiful people I met and who are now a part of my life have changed me (for the better, of course!) in ways I never would have imagined were possible."