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Chinese Cultural Activities

Chinese is spoken by more people in the world than any other language and therefore it should not be surprising that even in Indianapolis, there is a wealth of activities for you take advantage of. Both within our Butler community and off-campus, you will find several Chinese activities to both entertain and educate. Give them a try!

Chinese Fall Festival:

The Indianapolis Chinese Festival is coming up quickly on Saturday, September 8th.

12:00-7:00 pm
Military Park
601 West New York St.

  • hands-on activities
  • live demonstrations
  • lively performances
  • delicious Chinese food!

For more information visit:


The addition of a main stage and secondary stage this year will provide greater visibility to the colorful performances that include singing, dancing, instrumental music, and more. There will be games, crafts and face painting for the kids. Adults will enjoy learning about Chinese culture through interactive activities like playing Chinese instruments and learning Tai Chi with local practitioners. And, did we mention the delicious Chinese food? You can't mention that too often.





Hangzhou Public Library

Opportunity for Chinese Immersion Experience in Indianapolis! 

September 3- 21, 2012:  Professional Exchange Visitors from the Hangzhou Public Library visit Indianapolis

How can you be involved?

Help show our visiting professionals how wonderful Indianapolis is.  Ideas include:  a tour of Butler, visiting your favorite sight in Indianapolis, going to the IMA, etc.

Who can help?

Anyone with Chinese language skills (beginning-intermediate and up) who is interested in using her/his skills to help

When do you need help?

One or two evenings or later afternoons of your choosing between September 3-21

How do I sign up?

Email Indianapolis Public Library Librarian Sailan Liang - to work out details.



Indianapolis has become a sister city with Hangzhou, China since 2008. The Indianapolis Public Library and the Hangzhou Public Library embrace their first professional exchange program this year, which include collection exchanges and professional experience exchanges.

As part of the Sister City exchange, The Indianapolis Public Library will host two staff members for two weeks in the fall from the Hangzhou Library who will gain insight into local library practices and American culture.

The exchanges will allow for sharing best practices, conversations about shared problems, a comparison of library policies, and presentations on various library topics.

"These staff exchanges offer us the opportunity to become imbedded in a different culture and understand what libraries mean to others, obtain real insights into other approaches to organizing, funding and providing services, and to deepen our appreciation for diversity," stated Jackie Nytes, CEO of The Indianapolis Public Library.

"We promote these active cultural and educational exchanges because it is important to our success as a city," said Mayor Greg Ballard. "In today's world economy, it is more critical than ever for Indianapolis to be a city that is globally recognized as a great place to live, work and raise a family, and these relationships go a long way to promoting our appeal as a destination that embraces diversity."


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