Why Study Mathematics and Actuarial Science at Butler University?

According to a 2014 CNBC poll, students with degrees from our department can get the best jobs in the U.S. If you are considering a degree in mathematics or actuarial science, please check out career information at www.weusemath.org/.

"Mathematician" is the top-rated career with:

  • A midlevel income of $101,360 (academics is a large recruiter)
  • A high satisfaction in work environment, income and outlook, and low stress
  • Employment in a variety of public and private sectors such as energy, transportation and IT

"Statistician" and "Actuary" are listed as the next best careers with:

  • Great salaries with 100% employment after graduation - and this is true at Butler!
  • A wide-open job market 
  • Secure job placement and high quality work environments

Inside the classroom:

  • Supportive professional relationships for students and professors
  • All professors have masters or doctoral degrees.
  • Maximum of 30 students/class, but many Butler math and actuarial science class enrollments are actually much smaller in number.
  • Professors' doors are always open.

Outside the classroom:

Mathematics graduates are prepared to work in industry and the corporate world or attend graduate school in multiple fields, including linguistics, engineering, law, the military, fundraising, meteorology, and even music performance.

Actuarial Science majors have:

  • the ability to pass 4 exams and complete all 3 VEE requirements offered by the Society of Actuaries.
  • interned at companies such as CNO Financial, AllState, Hanover Life, State Farm, and OneAmerica.
  • the opportunity to double-major or minor in risk management through the College of Business.
  • the ability to work in risk management, investment, banking, insurance, and retirement services. 

"Butler University is designated as an Advanced Undergraduate Program by the Society of Actuaries."

Dual-Degree program majors in mathematics and engineering will earn a Butler mathematics degree and a Purdue University engineering degree.

Mathematics Education majors will be prepared to teach at both the middle and high school levels. 

Importantly, you will be a member of a caring and supportive community. 

Why Study Mathematics at Butler?

Why Study Actuarial Sciences at Butler?


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