College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Math & Actuarial Science

Why Study Mathematics at Butler?

  • One of the few collegiate departments in the U.S. to adhere to the CUPM (Committee for Undergraduate Program in Mathematics) guidelines
  • Active student clubs in mathematics and mathematics education
  • Butler Math Lab hires mathematics and mathematics education majors to tutor students enrolled in lower-level and core mathematics classes


  • Teach all courses, including introductory, without graduate assistants, resulting in personal attention and interaction with students
  • Wide range of specialties in the field of mathematics
  • Student/professor research sponsored by Butler Summer Institute (BSI)

Butler University offers degrees in:

  • Theoretical mathematics
  • Mathematics education
  • Mathematics and engineering (dual degrees) with Purdue University-Indianapolis


  • B.A. or B.S. in Mathematics
  • Minor in Mathematics

Mathematics Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of mathematical arguments, and assess their validity.
  • Identify the fundamental concepts in the main areas of mathematics, including set theory, logic, calculus, discrete mathematics, linear and modern algebra, and real analysis.
  • Construct mathematical proofs using standard techniques such as induction, contradiction and contraposition.
  • Solve mathematical problems and perform calculations by applying abstraction and mathematical models as appropriate.
  • Communicate mathematical ideas and concepts to various audiences, including being able to use mathematical word processing systems to write mathematics.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of various interconnections among the branches of mathematics, the breadth and depth of mathematics, and the beauty in mathematics.

Question:  What Can I Do with a Math Major?
Answer: You might be surprised!

Teaching is not the only job for mathematics majors! This is what a few recent Butler University graduates are doing with their math majors!

  • Registrar at a college (Illinois) - '01 graduate in actuarial science and computer science
  • Graduate school (Colorado State University) - '05 graduate in mathematics
  • High school math teacher and coach (Indianapolis) - '07 graduate in mathematics
  • Actuary at Great Western Life (Denver) - '00 graduate in actuarial science and mathematics
  • Meteorologist with the U.S. Air Force (Arizona) - '98 graduate in mathematics
  • Lawyer at Mueller Smith & Okuley(Columbus, OH) - '07 graduate in mathematics and engineering
  • College mathematics professor (Stockholm University and Duke University) - '04 graduate in mathematics
  • Physician (Indianapolis) - '93 graduate in actuarial science
  • Actuary at Standard Life Insurance (Indianapolis) - '07 graduate in mathematics

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If you have a question about the Mathematics and Actuarial Science program at Butler University, contact:

Dr. William W. Johnston, Chair
Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science
Phone:  317-940-8498

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