Lynette Disch ~ Linguistics Teacher

BA Mathematics
BA Spanish

What did you like about Butler?

One of my favorite things about Butler was the willingness of faculty and staff to help with any problems I had.  I frequently visited professors outside of class to ask about difficult topics.  They were available and willing to help and I always came away with a greater understanding.  Teri facilitated with making the connections with high schools for the math contest we hosted, connections with people to tutor, and even rides to those sessions.  The math department is definitely a warm environment within the larger Butler community.

What are you doing now?

My time at Butler gave me valuable insight into academic work and research.  The first half of this year, I assisted in teaching graduate level courses in linguistics and will soon head my own course here in Peru, so it was good to have a small community at Butler to introduce me to how higher education works.

My summer of math research at Butler through Butler Summer Institute gave me a great head start in understanding how to do independent research.  I'm still very grateful to Professor Sharma for helping me find a topic that peaked my interest and for guiding me through that process. The math department also funded a trip to the Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics so that I could share my research results.  That trip and  my other experiences in the math department at Butler helped me learn to collaborate with my peers and professors on complex problems.