David Phillips ~ Attending Graduate School

Bachelor's in Math and Economics, 2007
Ph.D. in Economics, 2012


What did you like about Butler?

I appreciated a lot about Butler.  From the math department, I really appreciated the small class sizes that allowed for a lot of interaction with faculty.  Graduate school has required almost all the math I learned at Butler.  I had to pick up a few new math topics on my own or through my graduate program, but I was in a lot better shape than many of my classmates.  A big part of that was the math major at Butler where I feel like I was pushed to do my best because the professors had a lot of interaction with us.  Butler was also a great place where I made many friends I'll have for a long time, and it was a place to decide who I wanted to be and how I wanted to live.  That's as important as anything I got academically.

What did you do after graduation?

After graduating, I moved to Washington, DC to do a Ph.D. in Economics at Georgetown.

What are you doing now?

Currently, I'm entering my final year in the Ph.D. program.  I'm writing a dissertation in development and labor economics.  My main two research projects focus on lack of transportation as a barrier to employment for urban minorities and the role of low wages in physician migration from Ghana in West Africa.  My math major is coming in handy as I've taught the Economics Dept's short pre-semester course in math methods for entering Ph.D. students a few times.  I'll also be teaching an undergraduate course in statistics for economics in the fall semester.  I'll be looking for an academic job to start in a year.