College of Business
Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc)

Program Features

Becker FastPass Class

The MPAcc offers a Becker CPA Review course for credit within the program. The Becker course is proven to help students prepare for, and pass, the CPA exam. The FastPass Course is an intensive, boot camp class designed to help students prepare for the CPA exam over the summer. It prepares students for the exam in a matter of weeks instead of months. The course covers the following topics in depth: financial statements, regulation, audit and general business concepts.

Real Business Cases and Situations

The MPAcc uses real business cases and situations to provide students with real experience. The leadership class is designed to develop student leadership skills in an accounting setting. Many of the advanced courses build upon earlier foundation classes to develop critical thinking, writing and oral presentation skills in a tax and corporate environment.

Tax and Financial Reporting Tracks

Concentrations are available in both tax and financial reporting. In the tax concentration, courses are offered in corporate and partnership tax, tax research, international taxation and more. Within the financial reporting concentration, courses cover such topics as financial statement analysis, business valuation, international corporate governance and corporate reporting.

Preparation for the Global Market

The MPAcc program covers important international topics such as international taxation, international corporate governance and International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS.   

Students have the option to participate in a study trip abroad to learn about different accounting systems in another country. For example, students visited Chile to learn about companies adopting IFRS and the Chilean tax system. 

Garrett OgdenThe MPAcc program focuses on real life cases and situations, which has helped prepare me for success on the CPA exam and in my accounting career. Through the accounting program at Butler, I completed internships with the Treasury Department at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis and with Veros Partners in Indianapolis, where I prepared tax returns for individuals and businesses. I also helped the Business Consulting Group with bookkeeping and consulting projects. These opportunities provided me with hands-on experience and training for a successful accounting career. 

Garrett Ogden '11
Tax Staff, BKD, LLP