College of Business
Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc)

MPAcc Curriculum

Two Degree Tracks

There are two degree tracks:  the accelerated four-year/dual-degree option and the traditional, fifth-year degree option.

The accelerated, four-year/dual degree program allows students to obtain both an undergraduate accounting degree and a Master of Professional Accounting degree in four years, while also qualifying to sit for the CPA exam at the end of the senior year. During the first three years of coursework, students will take full undergraduate academic loads in each fall, spring and summer semesters, including two internships. The fourth year of coursework consists of MPAcc classes in which students can specialize in either financial reporting or tax.

This option is available for new incoming students, freshmen or sophomores. Juniors and seniors should continue on their current course path and apply for admission to the fifth-year program during their senior year.

The traditional, fifth-year option adds one year to the curriculum for Butler accounting majors, resulting in the Master of Professional Accounting degree. Non-Butler accounting graduates can complete the program in 1 to 1.5 years.  The MPAcc offers late afternoon and evening classes and can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.

The program involves a 30-hour curriculum that includes 17 hours of core classes plus a 9-hour concentration in financial reporting or taxation plus 4 hours of electives. These electives may include the Becker CPA Review Course or an optional international study trip. Non-Butler accounting graduates may need to complete up to 5 prerequisite courses.

The Four-Year Curriculum Outline

Year One
Fall (18 UG hours)
Spring (18 UG hours)
Summer (12 UG hours)

Year Two
Fall (18 UG hours)
Spring (19 UG hours)
Summer (6 UG hours)

Year Three
Fall (18 UG hours)
Spring (3 UG hours/internship)
Summer (9 UG hours)

Year Four
Fall (14 MPAcc hours)
Spring (14 MPAcc hours)
Summer (2 MPA hours/internship)

The MPAcc Curriculum

MPAcc Core
(17 required credit hours)

MPA508 Leadership (3 hours)
MPA511 Accounting for Business Combinations and International Accounting (3 hours)
MPA513 Applied Financial Accounting (3 hours)
MPA515 Taxes and Business Strategy (3 hours)
MPA527 Advanced Managerial Accounting (2 hours)
MPA578 Advanced Auditing (3 hours)

MPAcc Concentration Courses
(9 credit hours)

MPA571 Financial Statement Analysis & ValuationFR(3 hours)
MPA573 IT Auditing & Forensic AccountingFR(3 hours)
MPA581* International Corporate Governance and Financial ReportingFR(3 hours)
MPA583* International and Multi-State TaxationTAX(3 hours)
MPA585 Tax Research + Accounting Periods/Methods Not-For-ProfitsTAX(3 hours)
MPA587 Taxation of Corporations/PartnershipsTAX(3 hours)

Note: Three FR courses equal a concentration in Financial Reporting; three TAX courses equal a concentration in Taxation.

MPAcc Electives
(4 credit hours)

MPA512 Accounting for Government, Not-For-Profit and Other Entities (2 hours)
MPA589 Advanced Law (2 hours)
MPA590 CPA Review Course (2 hours)
MBA564 Derivatives, Futures, Options, and Swaps (2 hours)
MPA594* Global Business Experience (2 hours)

Note: Students may count only one MBA course as a MPA elective.

*One of these international courses must be completed to satisfy the global requirement.

Download the complete curriculum sheet.

Chelsea JensenThe MPAcc focused on an understanding of technical accounting and a tailored "how-to guide" for managing teams, managing your career, communicating effectively and managing a work-life balance. I valued the class size and the flexibility of the program and faculty. The faculty worked with me to rearrange classes so that I could sit for the CPA. As a result, I passed all four parts of the exam before starting my job with E&Y. 

Chelsea Jensen '11
Staff 1 Auditor, Ernst & Young, Chicago