University Marketing and Communications

Branded Email Communications

A branded email is a stand-alone HTML communication using the Delivra software product.


A branded email may be used for the following situations:

  • Messages sent from the president's office.
  • Messages sent to groups outside of the campus community.
  • Messages sent to a specific sub-group* of the Butler community.

*Branded emails are not intended for messages going only to one or more of the University's three major internal groups (i.e., all faculty, all staff, or all students). Messages to these internal groups should be submitted for inclusion in the Connection or, if it meets the content criteria, as an all-campus listserv email.

Submitting Information

Requests for branded emails will be accepted only from members of the President's Cabinet, in writing or verbally, to the Marketing and Communications staff.

Requests for branded emails may be submitted by email to or by phone at (317) 940-8029.