University Marketing and Communications

Multimedia (Audio/Video) Standards

The use of audio and video on the Butler website is encouraged and supported. Methods for placing audio and video on the Web may vary, depending on purpose. However, Web Marketing recommends the following technologies and specifications when placing audio or video on the Web:

  • YouTube player.
  • JW Player.
  • SWFObject.
  • Flash Video, encoded with the following specifications:
    • 4:3 (standard ratio), 320 x 240 pixels.
    • 16:9 (wide ratio), 320 x 180 pixels or 640 x 360 pixels (if necessary for visual impact).
    • 15-25 frames-per-second.
    • On2 VP6 video codec (Sorenson video codec, if necessary).
    • 300-700 Kbps video bit rate.
    • MP3 stereo audio, 64-128 Kbps (mono, if appropriate).
  • MP3 Audio (JW Player can be used to play MP3 files in a playlist):
    • Stereo (mono, if appropriate).
    • 64-128 Kbps.
  • Video files should be limited to approximately 5 minutes in length, if possible.

Copyrighted Material

There are strict guidelines on YouTube regarding copyright. In order to avoid any copyright infringement, Web Marketing and Communications discourages individuals from making video content using audio elements without express permission from the copyright holder. When considering syncing music to video, it is recommended that only music in the public domain or owned by Butler University are used.

For any questions regarding music available to use for video content, please contact Tom Otero at