University Marketing and Communications

Media Guidelines

While Butler University is an open campus that welcomes news media, the following rules regarding interaction and access with media have been established to protect Butler's reputation and the privacy of its students, faculty, and staff. The Office of Public Relations serves as the official liaison to the media.

Guidelines for Faculty, Staff, and Students Interacting with Media

  • Staff and faculty members who have working relationships with the media within their areas of expertise may respond directly to reporters. In these situations, we ask that you notify us before or immediately after the interview.
  • Issues that relate to the University in general, or involve crisis communications, should always be directed to our office so an accurate and appropriate response can be developed.
  • We are here to help faculty and staff prepare for a good interview and recommend reviewing our basic interview tips. Our staff also welcomes the opportunity to provide more extensive media training.

Guidelines for Media Representatives

  • Media representatives are encouraged to contact the Office of Public Relations with their request before contacting a Butler expert or coming to campus.
  • Entry to classrooms and offices by news-gathering personnel must be cleared in advance by the Office of Public Relations.
  • Access to all residence halls and all Greek houses is strictly prohibited without prior permission of the Office of Public Relations.
  • Still and video photography on campus from which images will be used for commercial profit or distribution must be approved in advance by the Office of Public Relations. See guidelines for filming on campus.
  • Use of University logos and still or video images of the campus for political candidacies is prohibited.
  • Many campus speaker series limit or restrict recording or filming. Always check with the Office of Public Relations before partaking in such activity.