University Marketing and Communications

Web Marketing Support

Butler University's Web Marketing and Communication Department executes web-based marketing and communication initiatives to support the University's mission, visions, and accomplishments through websites, e-communications, social media, and video.

More specifically, we are at the ready to assist our fellow University representatives in the following areas:

Web Development

Butler University's presence on the World Wide Web is essential to its mission. Information placed on the Butler website plays an important role in developing and maintaining the strong reputation and image of the University. It's important that all websites conform to Butler's web-design guidelines in order to achieve a consistent look and feel for the University community, as well as streamline the site's navigation.

Contact us for changes to your existing department website, as well as to discuss any new site you may want to launch.

Branded E-communication

A branded email is a stand-alone HTML communication using the Delivra software product and may be used for the following situations:

  • Messages sent from the president's office.
  • Messages sent to groups outside of the campus community.
  • Messages sent to a specific sub-group of the Butler community.

*Branded emails are not intended for messages going only to one or more of the University's three major internal groups (i.e., all faculty, all staff, or all students). Messages to these internal groups should be submitted for inclusion in the Connection or, if it meets the content criteria, as an all-campus listserv email.

Contact us to discuss whether a branded email is the appropriate communication tool for your project.

Social Media

The new "it" platform, social media is an ever-growing and ever-changing world. We can help you create a social network, as well as develop a strategy to best use said platform to serve the University's mission autonomously.

Contact us to create a social media presence for your department, or to promote your news/event on Butler's existing social media platforms.


Our department can help you plan and build a blog site (web log) to increase your Web presence. We will work with our partners in Print Marketing, Public Relations, and Web Services to create a WordPress site that not only adheres to the University's graphic, editorial, and blogging standards, but also is easy for you to maintain on your own.

Contact us to discuss whether a blog is the appropriate method for promoting your project on the Web, and to get started blogging.

Video Production

Video has become an affordable and accessible tool to promote our University's mission to vast audiences via the Web. We can help develop scripts, produce and edit video, or determine whether previously produced video work is appropriate for external use.

Contact us to discuss your video needs.