University Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications Job Guidelines

We're here to help; however, we need time to get a project done. Part of this includes time for you--the client--to review drafts and request changes or additions.

A rough guideline for how long a job will take is outlined below:

  • Ad: One week.
  • All-Campus Listserv Email: Three days. (This allows time for editing, as well as planning the timing of the email with Connection and any other all-campus listserv emails.)
  • Blogging: One month for blog creation.
  • Branded Email: Five days.
  • Brochure: Two-four weeks.
  • Communication Planning: Four weeks minimum. (Note: Communication planning refers to projects with multiple communication tasks, products, etc.)
  • Complex (or New) Print Project: Three months or longer.
  • Editing: Two days for a small job (i.e. 1-5 pages); one week for a large job (5+ pages).
  • Event Promotion: Three weeks or more prior to the event.
  • Media Relations: Varies. If we have an existing relationship with a reporter, a pitch and response should come together relatively quickly. If we are approaching a new reporter, or media outlet, ample time is needed to research the reporter/media outlet and develop the relationship.
  • Poster or Flyer: One-two weeks.
  • Social Media:
    • Social Network Creation: Three days.
    • Post: One week for post to be incorporated in schedule.
  • Web Development:
    • Content Change: Varies, depending on the amount. Allow five days.
    • New Page: Five days.
    • Uploading Pictures: Three days.
    • Web Form: Two weeks.
    • Site Redesign: One month.
    • Site Build: Two months; one month if it stays within Butler's template.
  • Writing:
    • Letter: One week.
    • Press release and/or web story: Two weeks (if multiple interviewees are included).
    • Magazine article: Three-four weeks.
    • Remarks: Three-four weeks prior to event.
  • Video Production:
    • Video Creation: Two-four weeks, depending on complexity of the piece.
    • Event Capture: Notify three weeks prior to event; allow three days to edit and post.
    • Web Stream: Notify one month prior to event.