University Marketing and Communications

The University Seal

  • Only one University seal for use by all colleges, schools, and departments. No other seals may be established.
  • Use as a primary graphic component is restricted to formal and official documents, such as diplomas, legal and official records, and transcripts, as well as approved scholarly, ceremonial, presidential, or Board of Trustees related purposes.
  • May be used on permanent and/or event-related signage.
  • May be reproduced in PMS 541 (the primary University color) and black.
  • May be reversed out of solid colors and images as long as readability is not impaired.
  • May be printed as a screen percentage, foil stamped in metallic silver, and embossed in certain applications, for special purposes such as ceremonial publications.
  • May not be reproduced as a primary graphic for print media smaller that 1/2 inch in diameter. Maximum sizes are flexible depending on the usage.
  • Use as a SECONDARY graphic to enhance a given design or graphic layout is permitted. Examples of this usage would include the University seal as a large, screened layout component on both cover and interior designs.

The University seal may be obtained by contacting the Office of Print Marketing and Communications, located on the lower level of Jordan Hall, Room 22, by calling (317) 940-9966.

University Seals