University Marketing and Communications

The Signature Logo

Signature Logos

Required Usage:

  • On all publications, promotions, websites, and e-communications.
  • Used as a "signature logo" only, not as a primary or secondary visual element.
  • Placed on the back cover, lower left-hand corner on any double-sided or multi-page printed document.
  • Placed in the lower left-hand corner on any one-page or single-sided publications, such as posters.
  • When publication has a mailing panel, placement of logo as a return address meets the graphic standard requirements.
  • May be used at one of three sizes: 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch, or 1/2 inch high.

Logo Color:

  • May only be reproduced in PMS 541 (the University's primary color) and black.
  • May be reversed out of solid colors, images, and patterns as long as readability is not impaired.
  • May be printed and foil stamped in metallic silver, as well as embossed, for special purposes such as ceremonial publications.
  • Only exceptions are when the logo is reproduced on University business cards, letterhead, and envelopes, for which the University logo is reproduced in PMS 541 (University seal) and black (text).

Web Usage:

  • Logo must appear with "Butler University" in Adobe Garamond on the left-hand side of the banner.

Logos for Download:

  • Logos are available in EPS, GIF, JPEG, and TIFF formats.
  • Directions for using the University logo in Microsoft Word are located at the link below.
  • Download a signature logo.

University Entity Type Treatments:

  • University EntitiesOnly two logos used as primary University identifiers: the main (signature) University logo and the athletic logo.
  • Signature University logo must appear on all non-athletics publications.
  • Distinct graphic "look" may be created for a specific program or college to assist in meeting a marketing goal more effectively.
  • Created "look" may be used as a central graphic on a publication, but only in compliance with the standards for usage of the University logo.
  • Letterhead may not be made using the created "look."
  • Display type of a created "look" must be in all caps, separated by a 1 pt. dotted rule.
  • Examples of University entity type treatments are shown at the right.

Improper Usage:

  • Improper UseageUniversity signature logo, the University seal, the athletic logo, and the bulldog logo may not be altered in any way.
  • Treatments that deviate from the accepted standards for logo reproduction are not allowed.
  • Examples of improper usage are shown at the right.



If you have questions regarding the signature logo, contact the Office of Print Marketing and Communications, located in Jordan Hall, Room 22, by calling (317) 940-9966.