University Marketing and Communications

Layout Guidelines for Butler Publications

General Layout Guidelines:

Print Layouts

  • Photographs, when used, should be either a large single photo on the page or smaller groups of photos arranged in a "segmented" fashion and separated by a 5 pt. white rule.
  • Publications that maintain a usage cycle for a period of three months to one year or more, must include a blue bar (PMS 541) across the bottom of the publication to anchor the layout OR it must adhere to stipulations governed in the "University Prominence" section below.
    • Examples of such publications include viewbooks, course catalogs, year-in-review publications, and "series" communications.

University Prominence:

  • "Butler University," justified left to right, should be prominent across the top of publications aimed at a specific promotional cycle (e.g., displays, posters, programs, postcards, flyers, and ads).
  • Used with one of the six colleges, "Butler University" retains the placement described above, and the use of the signature college logo is required.
  • Used with a specific college program or initiative, "Butler University" must be placed prominently across the top of the publication and above the name of the program, separated by a 1 pt. dotted rule.
  • These areas of text can either be on white or reversed out of blue, depending on the artwork.
  • A blue bar (PMS 541) also must be used in these settings.
Layout depiction Poster depiction

Athletics Layout depiction


  • Graphic standards for Athletics are established each year through designs for each sport's advertising and marketing needs.
  • The "look and feel" created by University Marketing and Communications is used in all produced artwork throughout a given season. This encompasses use of font, style of photography, color, and any type treatment/athletic logo combination.
  • Regardless of the sport, only Butler Athletics images, the Butler Athletics logo, and PMS 541 are to be used in any design.

Clowes Memorial Hall of Butler University:

  • Three presenting categories for events held at Clowes Memorial Hall:
  1. Events presented by Clowes Memorial Hall.
  2. Events presented by Butler University.
  3. Events presented by outside groups (e.g., Indianapolis Opera, Broadway Across America, etc.).
  • Main priority for all presenters across every form of print or media, is to use the full name of the venue and organization, "Clowes Memorial Hall of Butler University," when referring either to the building as a location or the institution within it.
  • Logo refers to the building and organization and is not a brand for a specific programming series.
  • Marketing plans and copies of all media buys must be reviewed and approved by Clowes Memorial Hall seven days prior to the publishing or printing date, as provided in the Terms and Conditions of all issued lease agreements.